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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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"A person who performs the same action repeatedly, expecting each time for the outcome to be different, is hopelessly insane. A person who performs the same action repeatedly, hoping the outcome to be the same, is religiously content. Ritual is how we practice being who we want to be." Sub,itted to Anthony's "Conversation God" project.

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Blogger Anthony said ... (7/12/2006 9:57 AM) : 

Thanks so much, Dave, for this submission. I appreciate your creativity. It is great to see this kind of communication as part of conversationGod.
In my experience I have found both pros and cons to ritual in my life and more specifically regarding my relationship with God. I'll have to make a video talking about it.
Thanks again.


Blogger Anne Walk said ... (7/12/2006 10:01 AM) : 

hi Dave!

i love this one, even though i can't find religious contentment in housework. i just can't.

the way that it sped up didn't give me the idea of contentment. it made the mundane rituals of life seem frenzied and depressing (all those dishes! i hate doing dishes!).

maybe i feel that way about my own mundane life. a never ending cycle of consumption and cleaning up my messes.

nice edits on the actions, particularly the sweeping!


Blogger Laura Moncur said ... (7/12/2006 4:26 PM) : 

That was absolutely beautiful editing and film work! I LOVED it!


Anonymous bottomunion said ... (7/12/2006 8:28 PM) : 

Great choice of song,
any banjo can roll to ritual.
I love this type of stuff, and you really did an amzing job putting it together, both in concept and execution, matching the rhythm's of the cuts with the music.

This is one of those videos where you'll see some advertising company rip you off in a few months, making a super slick version of it selling vacations.


Blogger Des said ... (7/12/2006 11:29 PM) : 

genius! This was pure genius! Dave, I admire you so much as an artist. You communicate so well, it's mind boggling! I strive to be at your level.


Blogger Erin said ... (7/13/2006 12:09 AM) : 

You are constantly amazing me Dave! While some rituals are definately a bummer (like doing chores!), some are good and help develop our character. That was so cool how the motion just looked continuous through the whole thing. Great editing! And who knew you could have so many looks! :)


Blogger Chris said ... (7/13/2006 3:40 AM) : 

1. I expect great work from you, but this one astonished me.
2. Who are you quoting in the post? Or are the quotation marks metaphorical?
3. To add this year: feeding, diapering, rocking, watching vlogs on the couch with the girl asleep on your chest. Also, sleeping upright in chairs at all hours of the day and night.

I would spend hours at a time sitting on a yoga ball with the infant boy in the sling. (Of course, most of the time I wasn't just bouncing--I was watching DVDs.)


Blogger Lan Bui said ... (7/13/2006 4:24 AM) : 

Great video Dave.

When I watched the video I didn't know what the context was. I though to myself that it was nice how daily rituals could be so interesting. After readng your description I feel like our day to day things are just to pass time and we are waiting to die.


Anonymous borges said ... (7/13/2006 1:39 PM) : 

So this is what God sees when he looks down on us? These rituals. She must get bored. No wonder D.F.Wallace envisions flying roaches that feed on the mucus of a baby infant's eyes leaving them blind.
No wonder there are spiders.


Blogger JuanFalla said ... (7/13/2006 4:30 PM) : 


At first I thought you might have done the video all in the same day, that's the impressions I got of the first set up (havind cereal), as the fruits in the basquet stay the same, and I figure you might eat one or two per day, so because there is always the same amount, I think you did that the same day.


The shots brushing your teeth: I noticed that your hair is diferent in each shot, sometimes you even have it wet... so theses ones where done in diferent days..... uhm.... so i don't know.... I have doubts...

Any how, GREAT EDITING!!!! as the editing goes faster the video is preety amazing.

Iliked the subtle touch of your head (at the end) going backwards as if you were tired. very nice.


Anonymous Evan said ... (7/13/2006 6:31 PM) : 

That was extremely cool.

Evan (


Anonymous John Leeke said ... (7/14/2006 9:09 PM) : 

Dave, I like the way "Ritual" escapes the artifical construct of "clock time" to explore this world's more universal "event time" and the underlying cycles that make up the deepest long-term pulses of life. "Ritual" brings a recollection of a ritual from what must be my very earliest childhood growing up out on the flat prairielands of Nebraska, taking naps out on the porch of my folk's home in the heat of long summer afternoons, settling down at the shady end of the porch on a braded rug and laying back to look up at fleets of those flat-bottomed clouds sailing across the sky, drifting in and out, with the slow pluse of heat/light cool/shade as each cloud sailed along between my nap and the sun.

Thank you.

John Leeke


Blogger Killer B said ... (7/15/2006 3:33 PM) : 

I second point 1 from Chris. Stunned by this.

Having grown up super religious and having seen the effects of the ritual of religion (duh, you probably saw my video about this too...), this made me think about it in a new way. I have no idea where you stand on this sort of thing, but that seems completely irrelevant, you know? I didn't think my video said at all what I wanted it to convey, so I like yours because it can say whatever the watcher decides. Now THAT is revolutionary.


Blogger Francisco Daum said ... (7/15/2006 9:25 PM) : 

I first watched this without the sound. I didn't want to be "moved" by the entirety. I'm not a Bible scholar but I sense the Theism by the song lyrics- "River Jordan... going to see my Father". It sounds like the song alludes to Jesus, on his way to be baptized on the River Jordan, and he knows his ultimate fate. Great setting of mood.

Before hearing the soundtrack though, I was reminded of the Zen proverb- "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." Rituals are important to us in many different ways.


Blogger Graham Walker said ... (7/17/2006 9:50 AM) : 

Great video. Thanks for making us think and ponder while we watch.

16 horsepower, very cool. Have all their stuff. Saw them in concert a few years back


Blogger Mary Beth said ... (7/17/2006 11:56 AM) : 

HA! I haven't listened to 16 Horsepower in a while. I met David back in college, good times.
Anyways, video - Dave this is quite possibly my favorite of yours yet. The concept fit so well with the way you edited, the music you added. Good stuff. Thank you.


Blogger missbhavens said ... (7/17/2006 6:59 PM) : 

Ritual. Cycles. Changes. Sameness.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Because I'm not particularly religious, I find that rituals anchor me. Even the little ones like tooth-brushing.

I loved this!


Blogger Tim said ... (7/17/2006 8:36 PM) : 

You always find ways to speak to us on a different plane, and you continue the trend of melting my mind. Love this one!


Blogger Aaron Valdez said ... (7/18/2006 12:58 AM) : 

I like the squeaky-clean dave.


Blogger Carl Weaver said ... (7/18/2006 7:35 AM) : 

Wow. I can't imagine how long it takes to make some of your videos. And beyond the time dedication is the expert craftsmanship. Incredible stuff!

And the issue of ritual is very interesting to me, especially how the profane rituals mimic the sacred ones in structure (or vice-versa).


Blogger Mav(eric)k said ... (7/19/2006 2:42 AM) : 

This video works on multiple levels.

a.Aesthetically: great editing to achieve a visually compelling piece.

b.Narratively: habit versus ritual. Possibly self autobiographical.

Habit: A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.

Ritual: Being part of an established routine. (

c.Philosophically: it asks the question When does a ritual become habit and nothing more?

Habitual states of digesting, washing, cleansing, grooming, and working may have become part of a ritualistic lifestyle.

Sorry for the analytical critique but your work beckons it.


Blogger Catherine said ... (7/25/2006 10:08 AM) : 

Very cool video! I love the music and how you matched the change in clips to the rhythm of the music.


Blogger Chris said ... (7/25/2006 12:58 PM) : 

You've beautifully captured the moments we lose everyday.


Anonymous bill streeter said ... (7/27/2006 9:55 PM) : 

brilliant. thanks.


Blogger davidstith said ... (7/28/2006 10:47 AM) : 

Huthie, I loved this one.

SO, is awareness an act of worship? Of respect? Of love? Perhaps its an unanswerable question, this question about the divine perception -- we struggle enough to realize our own!-- still the question persists and with the same astonishing revelation each time. The questioning itself, for me, is my monotony, my ritual.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7/29/2006 2:53 PM) : 

Dave ... Great video. The amount of editing work you must have put in is impressive. Loved that cat. Very cute. I agree with the comment by bottomunion - you'll see this slicked up in an ad in the future.

-David from captainhumphreys


Blogger David Around The World said ... (7/29/2006 2:55 PM) : 

Dave ... loved the video. The editing work that must have gone into it is impressive. Loved the cat. Can't help it, just love pets. The BottomUnion is spot on, we'll see this idea in some slick ad in the future. Thanks for it now.

-David from captainhumphreys


Anonymous Detox said ... (9/08/2006 2:51 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous V said ... (12/22/2006 5:56 PM) : 

You have offended me!


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