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Friday, March 17, 2006

Where Does Laughter Come From?

It's a mystery.

Thanks to Sticks for asking me.

Comments on "Where Does Laughter Come From?"


Blogger Graham Walker said ... (3/17/2006 3:20 PM) : 

Right on! This rocked. Telling jokes is a learned skill, it is interesting to see the young mind at work here.

The whole organge/banana section deserves to live on it's own.


Blogger dskippy said ... (3/18/2006 11:52 AM) : 

That was great! My mom likes to tell stories about my early jokes.. especially "why does a truck have wheels?" "So it can go!!"
Kids are pretty amazing, and laughter is as well.


Blogger Anthony said ... (3/18/2006 10:03 PM) : 

Thanks for the laughs. Blah bla blaah bla blaa. Bla bla bla. Blalalablaaaa!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/20/2006 9:21 AM) : 

Oh man, I nearly peed myself. So great!


Blogger davidstith said ... (3/20/2006 11:43 AM) : 


after our last look at your thoughts laughter seemed a far thing from your mind -- but maybe the only answer to your questions. I don't know where laughter comes from but it seems the only cure for so many ailments.

Favorite part: Sydney's face (and the moving lips).


Anonymous Micah J. Lennon said ... (3/20/2006 3:40 PM) : 

That was great.

Nearly Pee'd myself.


Anonymous hughstoner said ... (3/20/2006 11:36 PM) : 

Dave, that was awesome! We're starting to have moments like that around our house, too. This was really cool. Thanks!


Blogger Debbie Ridpath Ohi said ... (3/21/2006 7:58 AM) : 

This was wonderful! :-D

And Sydney is adorable.


Blogger missbhavens said ... (3/21/2006 9:27 PM) : 

Blubluhlbluh! Blablabllabla!

Too, too funny! I love hearing kids alter jokes to their own tastes. It's like some weird kindergarten phenomena. And really, there's nothing funnier than having a pumpkin in your head or a banana taking at nap.


Anonymous evelyne** said ... (3/22/2006 5:07 AM) : 

oh i enjoyed this one so much - you made my day.

**e. from switzerland


Blogger Dooser said ... (3/23/2006 11:37 AM) : 


She's very creative. As are you.


Blogger mrmultiple2 said ... (3/24/2006 6:23 PM) : 


a much needed laugh on my part,
i think children laughing is contagious of which I can't help but laugh as well

excellent video collage


Blogger bethany said ... (3/28/2006 7:32 PM) : 

that was AMAZING!
my brother used to have a joke that just made us all crack up:

Jordan "knock knock"
Us "who's there?"
Jordan "Jimmy"
Us "Jimmy who?
Jordan "jimmy beach! HA HA HA HA HA HA"

it's a classic thing, the childhood joke.


Blogger Le Flashing Blade said ... (3/29/2006 8:27 PM) : 

Very sweet and as ever artfully done


Anonymous said ... (3/31/2006 1:45 PM) : 

we just found your site.
this post was awesome...thanxs for the laughter.

kent and jen


Blogger JuanFalla said ... (3/31/2006 11:39 PM) : 

Very cute. I liked the editing-animations tyle of it.
:) Made me happy.


Blogger Jacob said ... (4/05/2006 2:59 AM) : 

Those are honestly the best knock-knock jokes I've ever heard.


Blogger Erin said ... (4/25/2006 11:39 AM) : 

Thanks so much for this. Hilarious! Me and the kids laughed hysterically until the very end when my 2 year old ran away scared of the face... hehe. For her sake, I should probably preview these things a little more since she's scared of everything. Anyway, the images going along with the jokes, genius!


Blogger Verdi said ... (5/05/2006 4:42 PM) : 

Wow - that made me laugh so hard that everyone had to come see what was so funny. Then we all watched it and laughed again. :)

PS - just imagine how cool this video will be in 10 years.


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Anonymous Richard2000 said ... (8/16/2010 5:25 AM) : 

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Anonymous James M said ... (10/03/2010 1:36 PM) : 

The special sounds and gestures made by infant bonobos also known as pygmy chimpanzees when they are tickled suggest that the origins of laughter may pre-date human evolution, according to a new report.

A study of a young bonobo in a German zoo found that when it was tickled it combined vocalizations and facial gestures much like those made by human infants, said the report in the BioMednet science news service.

The finding suggests that the rules for how emotion is encoded behaviorally were laid down in the common ancestor humans shared with other great apes, Elke Zimmermann of the Institute of Zoology at the Tieraerztliche Hochschule, in Hanover, told a recent conference of the German Primate Society.

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