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Lorem Ipsum
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Lorem Ipsum, part 1 of 15

Lorem Ipsum, part 1 of 15

This is part 1 of a 15-part story released in series through my videoblog. A new part will be released every few days. When the last part is released, the whole story will be available for download from this site.

This story is part mystery, part traditional narrative, and part experimental art film. Because it's told in a slightly unusual way, releasing it in parts is an experiment. I'm very interested in feedback about the serial nature of the release, the story, the editing techniques and conventions I've used, or anything else you would like to comment on.

Thanks very much for being my audience. I make video stories so that others can see them, and so I value the time you spend watching, and any response you may have.

This video requires the latest Quicktime 7, which is available free from Apple's Web site...
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Comments on "Lorem Ipsum, part 1 of 15"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/17/2005 1:14 PM) : 

Dave, I'm so excited. Can't wait to see the next one. I've been lurking around observing your creativity for a while now. Keep it up, man.

- Joe


Anonymous Bre said ... (10/17/2005 3:38 PM) : 

Wow, this is going to be cool! I can see why your feedburner stats went up. This is a great idea!



Anonymous Graham Walker said ... (10/17/2005 5:11 PM) : 

Very Cool. The style is great. Half the fun of watching you stuff are the visual treats your provide.

Two small technical comments.
- The sound seemed to go dead when the Cat came on screen.
-All that type near the end was really pixilated and i couldn't read it.


Anonymous Graham Walker said ... (10/17/2005 5:12 PM) : 

Wow, I butchered my English there, sorry. Must re-read before I post


Anonymous Juan said ... (10/18/2005 9:55 PM) : 

Dave, I loved the stereo sound.
The editing is very good, specially the polaroid-photograpgh cuts in the snow. I'll be waitig for episode two...


Blogger Theti said ... (11/01/2005 6:41 PM) : 

Hey love all of your stuff! Im a NHite as well. I was woundering what is that intro music its stuck in my head i love it, not the part for dave media but the classical music when it telling you the info for lerem ipsum. If you culd tell me that would be greatly appreicated.

Thanks for your time


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