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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Vlog Post: Franconia Ridge

Lori and Dave hike the Franconia Ridge in New Hampshire's White Mountains!
Video is here.

Comments on "Vlog Post: Franconia Ridge"


Blogger Ste.pha.nie said ... (8/08/2005 3:53 PM) : 

Oh how gorgeous! I didn't realize there were such tall mountains in New Hampshire.
We met a couple of (ahem) "old" people (maybe in their 70's) hiking along in the rockies - the lady mentioned that the hiking had been much easier on her knees since she began using a hiking stick. And she had a really cool one too :)


Anonymous Bill said ... (10/13/2005 11:32 PM) : 

I've enjoyed happening upon your video blog as I was wondering what might be available now that VIDEO iPod has landed.(On Earth. Not in my hands yet.)

I enjoy your Dove productions intro very much. After viewing all your spots, the intro works just like the beginnings of other series I've watched, like a whole season of The Sopranos, or The Office, watched all at once, hours in a row. Their (and your) opening moments reinforce the pleasure you are about to receive from viewing another episode. Of course. That your one second (maybe less?) intro is breif does little to change it impact. It's familiar and friendly, funny and reassuring. Perfect for something that we know will end in 90 seconds. I would not loose that touch.
We've all grown up with these brand identity logos. Their power is undeniable. I like yours because it dosen't try too hard. You've no doubt noticed the squandering of creative talent in the great proliferation of production credits at the beginning of movies/DVD's. What I once enjoyed as simply comic, I now find somewhat exasperating. Maybe that's just me.

I especially like your pieces where you also don't seem to be trying too hard. Attempts at a "message" seem forced. You have picked a format which gives you a lot of artistic leeway. Your music and sound effects are really great. I hope you continue to explore and have fun.

Thanks for site.



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